Do you feel the desire to buy a new or used boat? Are your friends confusing you and you no longer know what to do?
Turn to us, professionals in the industry, we will advise you on the boat that is right for you. We will find out your tastes, your needs and what the market offers today.

Or if you want to sell your boat we will offer it to our customers, place it on our website and on the notice board in our showroom.
With you we will study the right price positioning with the aim of managing your interests to the best of our ability, but not shying away from sales opportunities.

Do you want to spend days on a boat and don't know how?
Turn to us, you will find a fleet to suit you, from powerboat to day cruiser to maxiyacht.
We have contacts to offer you the best boats on the Côte d'Azur, with no size limits.

Do you have little time to follow up all the paperwork for your yacht?
We think of everything.
From launching at the shipyard to arrival at the quay, from on-board documentation, to the maintenance plan, deadlines and crew management.
In addition, we offer periodic cleaning and washing services, as well as on-board visit activities for stationary control.
Everything is entrusted to our men: with us the shipowner is carefree.
You can entrust your boat to us for charter management.
It will become part of the Yachts France fleet.
Our staff will offer you advice and information on how to charter your boat.

The most renowned boat transport companies have been working with us for years.
We can offer everything from a simple tractor for transporting motorboats to a megatruck for exceptional transport with an escort.
All according to the highest standards of safety and reliability.
From applying for transits and special permits, to organising the disassembly of parts for transport and their reassembly once the destination has been reached.
We also follow the launch and on-board verification of the functioning of all equipment.
We also take care of the transfer of yachts to Caribbean areas on board special ships.

We take care of your yacht during the winter season.
You can entrust us with your boat after the summer season and we will place it in the environment that can accommodate it and take care of it for the cold season.
We follow all stages, from transport to storage, cleaning, engine wintering, battery maintenance and periodic visits.
If maintenance work is required, we can check that it is carried out to the highest standard.
We will advise you on the best operators and professionals to prepare your boat for the coming season.

Qualified and highly trained staff will take care of your boat in need of refitting, whatever size it is, whether it is wooden or fibreglass.
We recondition and rebuild all components back to their original condition, preserving their quality and adapting them to new technologies at the customer's request.
Carpenters, upholsterers, painters, plumbers, electricians, all men who have given their lives to boating, creating masterpieces that still sail our seas today.

We offer air taxi, business jet and helicopter services with the best operators in the industry.
Also connections with luxury cars and minibuses from Nice, Cannes and Monaco airports.

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