30 years of history, hundreds of Riva owners choose Yachts France to buy, manage or sell their boats. Yachts France has been operating for years in the luxury yacht sector within the splendid setting on the port of Beaulieu sur Mer on the French Riviera, an elegant hint of exclusivity and prestige. In all these years Yachts France has deserved the esteem and recognition of all customers who love design, particularity and all owners who see in a Riva boat an investment as well as a pleasure.

Passing from Tropicana to Rivarama, from Diable to Rivale, from Corsaro 20m to 100 ′ Corsaro, and also from those who, a little reluctantly, left Aquarama to follow the evolution of the brand with Aquariva: all these owners have written history of Riva and Yachts France with their passion and the awareness of owning not just a boat, but a Riva

Yachts France is also Distributor of Anvera, a prestigious leading brand in the production of luxury Maxi Tenders, which stand out for their full carbon structure and incredible performance.

Yachts France offers a brokerage service dedicated to meeting the specific needs of the Customer, accompanying him in the search for the best used, in the choice of insurance and financial products, up to the details relating to the maintenance and conservation of the boat, offering him a service of the highest level, assisted from the best partners of the nautical panorama of the Côte d'Azur.

In order to best satisfy all the needs of customers, Yachts France has expanded its business by including the charter service among its offers, able to satisfy even the most demanding customers.